Basic Swedish Massage

The most exemplary and understood type of bodywork, Swedish back rub, includes long coasting strokes to loosen up the body and mitigate pressure. This quieting rub gives alleviation from over focused on muscles, can bring down circulatory strain, and simplicity throbbing joints

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is intended to diminish serious pressure in the muscle and the connective tissue or belt. This back rub goes past the shallow muscles to the more profound layers of tissue to assuage interminable agony or help in muscle recuperation because of damage.

Profound Tissue is frequently mistaken for Deep Pressure, if you don't mind allude to your advisor.

Neuromuscular Therapy

This includes deactivating trigger focuses that may cause neighborhood torment or allude torment and different sensations, for example, migraines, in different pieces of the body. Manual weight, vibration, or other treatment is applied to these focuses to diminish myofascial torment.

Sports Massage

A blend of Swedish and Deep Tissue procedures used to animate and set up the body for athletic challenge.

Pregnancy Massage

A Swedish back rub including explicit acting to help in ameliorating a hopeful mother during the second and third trimester of pregnancy to mitigate worry in the back, head, and feet.

Lymphatic Drainage

Back rub procedure used to tenderly work and invigorate the lymphatic framework, to aid decrease of restricted growing. This method is frequently utilized for pre and present surgeries on help in recuperation.


Reflexology depends on the rule that there are reflexes in the hands and feet that identify with each organ, organ, and arrangement of the body. This back rub is disconnected to the feet and hands as it were.

Guided Meditation

Unwinding, guided perception to mitigate mental pressure that is causing body strain. The touch knead is light and unwinding.