february 27, 2013 05:49pm

Welcome to Energy MassageAtl

In many ways this blog and website have been long awaited dreams fulfilled. On the surface it seems silly to think in this modern tech-savvy world that it would take someone
so long (about 5years) to get a website and blog. Allow me to give Justin all the credit, especially for lighting a fire under my ass! Good job, Dude. I’m sure he hates being called Dude. Sorry. Mean it.

Before I became a Massage Therapist (and, yes, it is a proper noun because it’s important to me) I worked at a finance company. I had an easy job, worked with really wonderful, kind people and, yet, it was torture. I really hated morning commute, evening commute, and all things in between. I was uninspired most of the day, doing things that were small components of a grander system. The job was the job, with the occasional nice perk. It was just enough to keep you from going insane. It’s amazing how a new cappuccino machine and doughnuts in the break room can suddenly make your whole day seem better.

But there was something missing. I had no true idea what that was until I happened upon Massage. Not only did my perception of what was possible change, some long forgotten essence was awakened inside my being. This energy stirred within and came forth through my hands. In a very short time my intuitive sixth sense began to thrive and my true empathic nature became more and more defined. I love my life! I love what I do. The energy that simple, nurturing touch provides to the body and spirit is part of essential living. Becoming a Massage Therapist was the BEST thing I could have done for myself. It has opened doors to opportunities that I could not have imagined before. Massage has inspired me to be a better human to myself and others.